Cloud ERP : The path to business resiliency

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The current pandemic situation has increased the need for business resiliency. Companies have realized the benefits of Cloud ERP technology to keep themselves productive despite great obstacles. Cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP)technology helps make the digital business resilient, durable, and sustainable so that it is able to withstand the factors of health and safety, social distancing, and work from home. While the market dynamics for individual companies are changing with the pandemic, going digital also enables a longer-term strategy after the crisis passes. Digitally transformed companies have greater sustainability to tide over such crisis situations.

Cloud technology allows organizations to access data remotely without complex technical configuration or robust IT infrastructure. When it comes to data access and data storage, cloud ERP has several advantages over on-premise ERP. Cloud technology is more scalable for storing large amounts of data and can provide access to data.

Cloud ERP systems are faster to implement than on-premise ERP systems. The technical environment for cloud technology can be configured in as little as 24 hours. This gives organizations more time to focus on the business side of transformation.

Many organizations lack sufficient IT infrastructure or simply cannot afford the expense of the fixed infrastructure. While an organization may be decently skilled at IT, it’s not necessarily its core competency. Cloud technology allows organizations to outsource their IT function and focus on their core business. Retailers, for example, typically like to dedicate more focus to the customer experience than IT maintenance. The initial cost of cloud technology is lower than on-premise technology. While subscription costs add up over time, many companies are more concerned about minimizing capital expenditures than reducing operating costs. Cloud ERP is completely scalable so as the business grows the cloud resources can also be increased without disrupting the existing services.

In summary, cloud ERP provides a platform to support long-term continuity overcoming obstacles by adding new capabilities in line with business needs. ERP delivers the power to customize operations and access information that can be used to make data-led informed decisions quicker and with greater accuracy. Enspire Solutions can help you map your digital strategy in synergy with your business.

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