Cloud Multi Retail Chain Management

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Managing a Multi Retail Stores Chain has never been easy and post the pandemic, retailers need to strategize to the changing consumer behaviour, stiffening competition and disruption in the supply chain. To cope with such a highly volatile environment, cloud retail chain management can be a game changer.

Our Solution

Enspire Solution’s cloud-based retail solution interlinks all stores operated by the same investor. The cloud platform provides with a common accounting, purchase management and document support system. Could system implementation can coordinate all operations essential for a retail business. All management decisions can be taken easily as data from all the stores will be on click of a button. The benefits of our solution are listed here:

  • Our solution can easily implement scale of the retail outlets at multi locations
  • Management get a bird eye view to the inventory positions in individual stores and stock replenishment decisions can be taken based on real time data.
  • Offer implementation can be done easily at one point which can implemented at multiple stores.
  • Boost sales capacity by taking business online with built-in eCommerce store.
  • Cloud retail solution can be easily implemented with existing hardware. There is no major disruption incase of hardware failure.
  • Even with internet disruptions it can operate smoothly

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