Understanding consumer behavior for better business

Successful business owners understand what their customers want since these are the people who purchase and repurchase your product or service and are also the people who are recommending it to other potential future customers. Companies that know what their clients want and what they expect can also work on customizing the customer experience to […]

Inventory Management – Challenges and Solution

Every organization irrespective of manufacturing, retail, or service industry, needs to keep inventory either in the form of raw material, finished goods, repair material, or consumables which is vital for the seamless functioning of the business. Inventory becomes vital especially for manufacturing and retail for the continuous functioning of the business. In the absence of […]

The path to “Digital-first” strategy

Digital – first is among the latest buzzword doing the rounds.. It is one of the most trending discussions after the onset of Covid-19. Many large companies had already adopted the digital-first strategy but now Covid-19 has accelerated the pace of digital adoption in many mid to small companies. What is really Digital-First? Simply put, […]

Cloud Multi Retail Chain Management

Managing a Multi Retail Stores Chain has never been easy and post the pandemic, retailers need to strategize to the changing consumer behaviour, stiffening competition and disruption in the supply chain. To cope with such a highly volatile environment, cloud retail chain management can be a game changer. Our Solution Enspire Solution’s cloud-based retail solution […]

Manufacturing raw material management – Challenges and Solutions

The importance of raw materials for efficient manufacturing operations cannot be over-emphasized. One major component in any manufacturing is raw materials, the unprocessed materials, components, or partially finished assemblies that are required to build or produce a product. These are the building blocks and the starting point for any final product and ensuring adequate supply […]

Cloud ERP : The path to business resiliency

The current pandemic situation has increased the need for business resiliency. Companies have realized the benefits of Cloud ERP technology to keep themselves productive despite great obstacles. Cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP)technology helps make the digital business resilient, durable, and sustainable so that it is able to withstand the factors of health and safety, social […]